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Stoughton Family Dentist

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In addition to all of the other good reasons for choosing us at Easton Smiles for your oral health needs, we are pleased to offer dental care for all ages. Beginning with toddlers who are having the first eruption of baby teeth, and right up to our patients who are in their golden years, our practice is dedicated to meeting the unique needs and preferences of everyone. And that doesn’t mean putting you into a preconceived category. You will not be treated based on your age, but rather on your individuality. That’s a promise.

Certainly, kids have general requirements, even if the details vary from one child to another. But in a broader sense, that’s accurate for every patient that our Stoughton family dentist sees. An oral examination and teeth cleaning is a crucial part of preventive care. Visits should be timed to occur every six months so that any existing cavities and gum disease can be diagnosed and addressed before they become more serious. Likewise, the importance of getting out ahead of potential future concerns cannot be overstated. Our Stoughton family dentist pays close mind to the transition your child experiences when baby teeth begin to fall out on their normal schedule, and are then replaced by adult teeth. Once those adult teeth are fully grown in, however, the needs of your child become more in line with yours when it comes to teeth, gums, and total oral care. As adults grow older and become seniors, there may be more of a focus on strategies to keep teeth and gums going strong, as well as a possible need to replace one or more lost teeth.

Otherwise, our varied list of services, which includes a range of restorations, cosmetic treatments, orthodontics, and extractions, are available as needed to our patients at any time in life. Contact our office to schedule an appointment for you or another household member to see our Stoughton family dentist.

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