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Periodontal Treatment EastonĀ 

Protect the life and quality of your teeth by turning to Easton Smiles in Easton, Massachusetts for your oral health. When you trust our Easton cosmetic dentists with your oral health, you can guarantee exceptional care by a friendly and compassionate staff. We pride ourselves on high-end dental services that exceed your expectations. Proudly bear a wide smile with comprehensive cosmetic and family dentistry at Easton Smiles in Easton.

At our dental office, we offer non-surgical and surgical treatment of periodontal disease. This oral disease is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and bone surrounding the teeth, weakening the structure and support of your teeth. When left untreated by your Easton periodontist, the gums separate from the teeth forming pockets, in which the disease-causing bacteria will flourish and spread. As the gum disease progresses, the pockets will deepen and cause severe bone loss, which can result in tooth loss. However, if you seek timely periodontal treatment at Easton Smiles, you can prevent tooth loss.

Non-surgical periodontal treatment at Easton Smiles involves scaling and root planing of the periodontal pockets. This deep cleaning of the roots of the teeth removes the plaque and tartar buildup. Unfortunately, non-surgical periodontal therapy had its limitations and if the disease cannot be fully eradicated, surgical treatment will be necessary. Surgical periodontics may include pocket depth reduction surgery or regenerative surgery. Pocket reduction surgery removes the bacteria by gently pushing back the gum tissue around the teeth and securing the gum tissue in place so that bacteria may not infiltrate again.

Gum disease and periodontal treatment can be avoided by regularly scheduling dental appointments at Easton Smiles. A proper cleaning can remove plaque and tartar before it progresses into gum disease. And if you do have gingivitis or periodontitis, early diagnosis and treatment by your Easton dentist at Easton Smiles can lead to a higher success rate with non-surgical periodontal therapy, avoiding the need for surgery.

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