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Brockton ClearCorrect Braces

Easton Smiles is not only your first choice in general and cosmetic dentistry, we also offer a variety of orthodontic services including ClearCorrect braces by our premier orthodontist in Brockton. Our team of extensively experienced and compassionate professionals understands it is quite common for patients of all ages to want straighter teeth while drawing as little attention to themselves as possible and ClearCorrect offer a viable solution for many. Following an examination to confirm whether your teeth straightening needs as well as your tooth and gum health make you eligible for the use of ClearCorrect, our knowledgeable staff will be able to provide you with in-depth guidance regarding straightening your teeth while realigning your bite with the use of clear plastic, custom-made aligners.

The process toward a straighter smile begins with your orthodontist in Brockton at Easton Smiles. Once you have been approved for the use of ClearCorrect as the method for straightening your teeth, we will provide you with your individual treatment plan. As a guide, patients generally are fitted for their removable and customized trays and given specific instructions regarding how long each must be worn before switching to the next set of aligners. A few advantages to the use of the clear aligners over metal braces include the ability to remove the aligners allowing you to eat or drink without limitations, as well as to brush and floss thoroughly. Of course one of our patient’s favorite reasons for using ClearCorrect is the lower visibility while achieving straighter teeth.

In addition to helping align your teeth and bite for a more visually appealing smile, at Easton Smiles, our orthodontist in Brockton can also discuss the improvements to the overall health of your mouth, including your gums, will be improved following your treatment with ClearCorrect braces. Teeth that are properly placed and spaced will allow for easier care and cleaning both at home or by our professional hygienist. In turn, the removal of harmful bacteria found in plaque and tartar will be less difficult allowing you to reduce your risk of gingivitis with continued home care and regular professional cleanings. We look forward to meeting with you to determine if ClearCorrect braces are right for you.

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