Mansfield Cosmetic Dentist

Mansfield Cosmetic Dentist

Stop wasting money on whitening toothpastes that don’t work! Instead, invest in professional teeth whitening from Easton Smiles, your go-to general and cosmetic dental practice located near Mansfield, Massachusetts. Our in-office teeth whitening is not only popular, safe, and effective, but it is extremely cost-effective! Over the years, our have given our patients so many reasons to smile. Even the toughest stains on your teeth can be removed from your enamel to create a dazzling and long-lasting smile in just over one hour.

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Teeth Whitening Mansfield

In-office professional tooth whitening is one of the quickest ways to safely whiten your teeth. Additionally, professional tooth whitening with our dating site quotes funny can last for several years, whereas other treatments last for a few months and need constant maintenance. By applying a specialized solution of whitening gel to your teeth, we can penetrate the enamel and dentin in your teeth to remove deep stains and discoloration. At Easton Smiles, we’re proud to help our patients whiten their teeth from four to six shades! With a commitment to regular brushing and flossing, plus an annual touch up with custom-made trays at home, you can have stunningly white teeth for years!

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to how effective teeth whitening can be. Though our Mansfield general dentists at Easton Smiles can help whiten your teeth with bleaching and whitening, occasionally a patient will be unhappy with how white their smile is. Some types of teeth stains simply cannot be removed. However, other cosmetic procedures, such as porcelain veneers and bonding, are a good alternative to teeth whitening. These restorative dental materials do not discolor or stain and can last for many years. Additionally, veneers and bonding can cover up slight misalignments and chips. To learn more about tooth whitening and other cosmetic procedures, please visit Easton Smiles located near Mansfield, Massachusetts.

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