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General Dentist Easton

The general dentists at Easton Smiles don’t like to extract teeth unless it’s absolutely necessary and all other restorative options were attempted to save the tooth, including, but not limited to, root canal therapy, dental fillings, and dental appliances. But when restoration procedures are not enough to save a tooth, our Easton general dentists will suggest that it be pulled or extracted for the sake of your overall wellness.

Tooth extraction procedures today are far less painful than ever before thanks to safe and effective sedatives and anesthetics. In many cases, patients who have their teeth pulled at Easton Smiles only experience slight discomfort and minor bleeding. Before your tooth is extracted, the area will be numbed using an injectable or topical anesthetics like Novocaine. Once the anesthetic kicks in, our Easton general dentists will remove the infected or decayed tooth. Following the procedure, Dr. Herlihy will instruct you on proper precautions and after care so that you don’t get an infection. Occasionally, you will be prescribed an antibiotic following a tooth extraction as a precautionary measure to fight infections.

In order to heal properly and make sure the wound does not open, our dentists recommend that you avoid smoking, vigorous brushing and rinsing, and drinking liquids through straws. To promote faster healing and reduce swelling, our dentists highly suggest applying a cold compress to the outside cheek near the extraction area. If you have any further questions about tooth extraction, come Easton Smiles located in Easton, Massachusetts today!

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