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As part of a complete strategy for maintaining optimal oral health, Easton Smiles offers gum disease evaluations. Your teeth are important, but your gums should not be neglected in the process. You need both to be strong and weak gums can lead to tooth loss, regardless of the condition of your teeth. In addition, our Brockton dentist will provide you with prevention techniques so that you can maintain the vibrant pink hue and absence of irritation that mark healthy gums.

02356 Cosmetic Dentist

02356 Cosmetic Dentist

A gum disease evaluation gives our Brockton dentist a way to determine if you are exhibiting any signs of gum disease and take action to alleviate the concern before it progresses. You should receive a gum disease evaluation once per year consisting of a thorough checkup of your gums, your bite, and your bone structure. The early stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis and it is easier to treat. In many cases, a simple dental cleaning (or two) may be enough to remove any accumulated plaque, tartar, food particles, and bacteria from between your teeth and gums.

If, however, your gum disease is not detected and continues to advance, gingivitis can turn into periodontitis. At this stage of gum disease, you be dealing with an infection of the gum tissue and bone tissue. If your gum disease reaches this point, more extreme treatment is generally required. Commonly, our Brockton dentist would have to do a deeper and more invasive type of cleaning called scaling and root planing. It requires the use of hand scraping or ultrasonic tools (and possibly both) in order to get down into the roots and get you back on the road to gum health.

Clearly, the best way to avoid gum disease entirely is to practice solid prevention techniques in between visits to our Brockton dentist. Vigorous brushing and flossing on a daily basis is the best place to start. You may also benefit from the use of a good dental rinse. That combined with a twice yearly dental exam that includes at least one gum disease evaluation per year will work to prevent gum disease or at least catch it before it can lead to significant problems and discomfort.

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