Dental Practice in Easton

Dental Practice in Easton

If you were able to hop in a time machine travel back to the United States of 100 years ago, you’d notice something very interesting about other people’s mouths — lots of missing teeth! The reasons for this are many-fold and include malnutrition, poor oral hygiene, and the relative inaccessibility of dental care and dental prostheses like dentures. Because tooth loss is less and less common these days, the sight would probably shock you a little bit! Indeed, whereas dentist of the past considered tooth extraction a quick fix to oral health problems, today’s dentists consider the procedure a last resort. Even so, there are cases where the pros here at the This Site of Easton Smiles do have to perform extractions.


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There are four situations that occasionally require the dentists at our This Site to remove teeth for good. The first is trauma — a sharp blow to the jaw, for instance — that produces so much damage in the affected tooth that there’s no way of restoring its structural integrity with a root canal, veneer or crown. The second and third reasons teeth sometimes have to be pulled here at Easton Smiles are out-of-control tooth decay and gum disease respectively. After a certain point, if a person’s gums and teeth have been neglected long enough, there’s just no way to bring a tooth back into good working order, and the only way to alleviate pain and avoid very serious complications is to pull the tooth out. The fifth situation in which people have to have teeth pulled is slightly different than the others. This situation is if an orthodontist or oral surgeon thinks you should have teeth preemptively extracted to avoid problems like crowding. Lots of us — though you’d never know by looking at our smiles — will undergo this kind of tooth extraction when we get our wisdom teeth pulled.

Now, it’s important for you to know that even though we here at the This Site of Easton Smiles do our very best to avoid pulling teeth, it’s really not the end of the world if it does happen to you. In the 21st century, individuals suffering from tooth-loss have a cornucopia of tooth-replacement options available to them. Whatever the state of your teeth, we’d love to have you in soon for a comprehensive dental exam. Call us or use our website to schedule one today!

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