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Dental Cleaning in Northeaston

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Dental Hygiene

The goal of our preventive program at Easton Smiles is to stop tooth decay in its tracks. In order to accomplish this, you need to utilize a sound strategy of daily brushing and flossing at home and also come in twice per year for a dental exam. That allows us to detect any cavities before they become larger ones and fill them. But what of the causes that led to the cavities in the first place? Well, even the most thorough oral hygiene program at home may not be able to eliminate all of the plaque, food remnants, and the bacteria that feed off of them. These enemies of your dental health have a way of hiding between teeth and in gum pockets, making it difficult to remove without a professional cleaning. And tartar can form as a hardened type of plaque. Once it takes root, nothing short of our dental cleaning in Northeaston can remove it.

Dental Cleaning in Northeaston
Dental Cleaning in Northeaston

Clean teeth are healthy teeth. There’s no doubt about that. As essential as a physical exam of your teeth and x-rays are to finding signs of tooth decay damage and repairing them with a dental filling, it won’t stop new cavities from occurring. That’s because your precious tooth enamel gets eroded by the forces of plaque, tartar, and bacteria. These same culprits can also cause you to develop gum disease, which leads to redness, inflammation, and even infection of the gums. Without regular dental cleanings, you can eventually wind up with cavities that allow bacteria into the pulp area of a tooth. This can mean root canal infection and a great deal of pain. Enough tooth decay can cause the need for that tooth to be removed. And advanced gum disease is marked by loss of gum and bone tissue, and a poor foundation for your teeth, maybe causing one or more to fall out. When you consider all of this, the ease of getting our dental cleaning in Northeaston seems like a no brainer.

There’s little to no discomfort involved in the process and your dental hygiene and long term dental health depend upon having clean teeth. After you have our dental cleaning in Northeaston, you can rededicate yourself to a healthful diet limited in sugar and a strong oral hygiene regimen at home.

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