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Dental Cleaning in Brockton

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Dental Hygiene Office in Brockton

Dental Cleaning in Brockton
Dental Cleaning in Brockton

If you want to have healthy teeth and gums you need to do more than brush and floss on a regular daily basis. The key to having clean teeth and healthy gums is to have a periodic dental cleaning in Brockton, in addition to performing regular dental hygiene, about every six months.

At our dental practice, Easton Smiles, we always stress the importance of great dental hygiene. When you brush and floss daily, and have a dental cleaning in Brockton on a regular basis, you are going a long way toward having a healthy mouth. Clean teeth look great and also will have fewer cavities. This means less dental treatment needed, as well as less money that you will need to spend on having cavities filled. Having clean teeth will also lead to healthy gums. When you have a dental cleaning in Brockton at our office, our dentist will be able to determine if you have any gum disease. If you have early stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis, our dentist may well recommend that you come in for several dental cleanings over the next few months. This is generally all that needs to be done to restore your gums to good health.

If during a dental cleaning in Brockton it is determined that you are developing gum disease, our dentist may recommend that you have a periodic procedure performed of scaling and root planing. This treatment is like a deep cleaning for the gums. Hopefully it will be effective in reducing the deep pockets that exist between the teeth and gums and are the hallmarks of gum disease. Our dentist, Dr. Thomas F. Herlihy, always encourages patients to brush and floss, and stresses the importance of good dental hygiene. Poor dental hygiene can lead to gum disease, which in turn will cause the jawbone to weaken, and teeth to loosen and fall out. With excellent preventive treatments, there is no reason why your teeth and gums need to get to this serious condition. Professional dental cleanings are able to remove tartar, which is a hard, mineralized substance on teeth which causes gum disease. Tartar forms when plaque is left behind after tooth brushing, and can only be removed with professional teeth cleaning instruments. If you would like to get your teeth and gums back on the road to great health, contact our office today for a dental exam and teeth cleaning.

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