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Regular dental visits are integral to keeping up with your oral health. Here at Easton Smiles, our staff is absolutely dedicated to providing you and your family with the general dental care you need to make sure that your oral and dental health is always up to speed. Biannual checkups and cleanings can ensure that your teeth are as healthy as they can be, while also providing our Brockton general dentists with the knowledge needed in order to spot signs or symptoms of any oral conditions in their earliest stages.

Brockton Dental Exams
Brockton Dental Exams

Here at Easton Smiles, we use what advanced technology is available to us in order to help provide you with the best and most comprehensive care possible. Our Brockton general dentists, Dr. Thomas F. Herlihy and Dr. Robert Tuck, use digital dental X-rays in order to best monitor your dental health and progression. Dental X-rays provide insight as to what is happening beneath the gumline. This is vital for children whose teeth are still growing, for those who require orthodontic treatment, for identifying cavities and other conditions, as well as for monitoring the state of wisdom teeth. Being able to see these areas is important and can provide insight as to whether treatment is needed. It is important to monitor the growth of developing teeth in order to identify possible future problems such as malocclusions, misaligned teeth or a misaligned bite, all of which may later require orthodontic treatment. Cavities may exist between teeth and are therefore difficult to see, but an X-ray can provide more definitive information in indentifying areas of tooth decay. Wisdom teeth are also a huge issue, and may need to be removed before they cause severe dental trauma if an X-ray shows they are impacted.

Digital dental X-rays make it easier to store all information from past visits, making it easier for our Brockton general dentists to compare past X-rays and make astute observations during your current visit. These records also make it easier to identify changes or developments occurring in your mouth, especially if they are gradual changes that occur over time. We here at Easton Smiles want to make sure you have the best dental care possible and wish to use all of the tools available to us to ensure that we do so.

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