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Gum Disease Treatment Brockton

Periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent dental issues affecting adults today. At Easton Smiles, our Brockton family dentist and the rest of the staff are here to give you the information and the treatments you need to prevent periodontal disease from occurring, as well as signs and symptoms to look out for that can alert you to a need for treatment. Periodontal disease develops as a result of built up bacteria. There are all kinds of bacteria present within our mouths at any given time. Many of these bacteria can begin to eventually inflame and infect your gums, leading to periodontal disease.

Gum Disease Symptoms Brockton
Gum Disease Symptoms Brockton

Once periodontal disease begins to develop, there are a few telltale symptoms to look out for. If you notice that your gums are especially red, if your gums are in pain, if your gums are especially tender, or if you are bleeding from your gums when you brush and floss your teeth, it is likely you are experiencing the beginning stages of periodontal disease, and you should schedule an appointment with our Brockton family dentist as soon as possible.

When you visit us at Easton Smiles with signs of periodontal disease, we will evaluate the extent of your symptoms before deciding on the proper treatment. Periodontal cleanings are a very important part of treating periodontal disease, at basically any stage of the disease’s development. During periodontal cleanings, our Brockton family dentist uses specialized cleaning techniques to remove the built up bacteria that is causing you trouble and give your gums the relief they need. We may recommend that you visit us for several periodontal cleanings over a period of time in order to prevent your symptoms from returning. If periodontal cleanings are not sufficient treatment, our Brockton family dentist may recommend surgical or other treatment methods.

To learn more about periodontal cleanings or any of the other various services provided by our Brockton family dentist, we encourage you to visit the main Easton Smiles website to browse through some of the additional information we have provided for our patients. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss.

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