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Are you longing for a straighter and more beautiful smile, but are nervous about the look of traditional metal braces in your mouth? Adults can often deal with malocclusions that have gone undiagnosed in childhood, but are now causing problems due that make your smile as unsightly as it is unhealthy for proper chewing and speech. However, there are other options for bite correction treatment available today that could provide you with the answer you are looking for to a healthier and more beautiful smile. For state of the art care that is gentle on your mouth and easy to wear, simply visit the experts at your local Brockton dental office of Easton Smiles and ask how ClearCorrect aligners can work for you.

ClearCorrect Orthodontic Aligners 02356

ClearCorrect Orthodontic Aligners 02356

Adults with bite problems often find themselves in difficult position when it comes to finding the treatment their mouths need. Malocclusions are more than just a cosmetic issue, they also increase levels of tooth decay and can even cause speech and eating problems over time. Fortunately, thanks to the latest advances in dental technology, there are even more options available to treat bite problems in teens and adults than ever before. One such method of alternative orthodontist is known as ClearCorrect aligners. This unique method of smile correction calls for no metals, no brackets or wires, and no rubber bands of any kind. This simple system consists only of a series of clear plastic aligners that are absolutely transparent and invisible to the naked eye, all while working to adjust the positions of your teeth for a more attractive smile and a healthier bite. Unlike braces which require often painful tightening periodically in order to advance treatment, ClearCorrect aligners are simply swapped out for a more advanced pair every few weeks in order to further your treatment along. These comfortable aligners are crafted by your professional Brockton dental office from digital x-rays, impressions, and computerized images of your own teeth in order to insure a perfect fit for your unique oral health needs. Your ClearCorrect aligners are worn all day and night, and only need to be removed before meals and during your regular hygiene routine. Their easy removal allows for simple care and the ability to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks worry-free.

To find out if ClearCorrect aligners are the right choice for your bite problem, be sure to book an appointment with your certified Brockton dental office. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at Easton Smiles has been proudly correcting malocclusions just like yours for over a decade. With a system of ClearCorrect aligners from the state of the art practice of Easton Smiles adults can create healthier smiles in a beautiful way.

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