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Best Dentist in Easton

Do you often notice minor pains in your gums upon brushing your teeth every morning and night? Sensitive and bleeding gums are signs of the gum disease gingivitis, which while very common in people today, often requires more care than simple at home dental hygiene can handle. Regular dental cleanings usually target the surface of your teeth, but a periodontal cleaning from the best dentist in Easton, at Easton Smiles, will target the source of your gum disease to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Many of us suffer from gingivitis without treatment because this stage of gum disease, as much as it can be annoying for some, is not actually harmful to your smile. However, without regular treatment from the best dentist in Easton, gingivitis can progress into the later stages of gum disease. Also known as periodontitis, later stages of gum disease can have detrimental effects on your smile, causing loss of gum, teeth, and even bone in your jaws. If you are showing symptoms of gum diseases, or have a family history of gum disease, you should never hesitate to book an appointment with Easton Smiles for a periodontal cleaning that could save your smile.

Periodontal cleanings are also known as root planing and scaling. A cleaning in two parts, this professional oral cleaning work to remove and destroy hardened buildup and bacteria that are the cause of your gum disease. Even the most advanced spin brush is no match for hardened plaque and calcium, only the skilled hands and state of the art equipment utilized at the best dentist in Easton can properly clean your smile to put a stop to the damage of gum disease. Root planing works by gently pulling back the line of your gums from your teeth, and removing the plaque and bacteria which destroy your gums over time. This process is then followed by smoothing out any rough patches on your teeth to insure no bacteria or buildup can take hold their, known as scaling.

Periodontal cleanings are an essential part in the battle against gingivitis, a disease which currently affects over 90% of the US population. For premium dental care in your neighborhood, be sure to book your appointment with the best dentist in Easton at Easton Smiles. At Easton Smiles our professionally trained and fully licensed staff have been proudly serving your community for over a decade in quality and personalized dental care. Dr. Thomas F. Herlihy, IV, DMD, MAGD has been working in private dental practices since 1993. His knowledge and experience in oral health care is one you can trust. At Easton Smiles, you can rest easy knowing the health of your smile is in good hands.

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